Junglevision Radio

Junglevision Radio

Hear sounds and music from Junglevision products. Over the next few weeks, we'll be adding audio files from our archives. Also, we'll be creating new audio content for the audio stream.

Radio Junglevision features the talents of many people. However, I'd especially like to highlight the work of 'Weird Wally Fields' who does all of the male parts for Space Cadets. Many of the best characters on the audiostream are his voice.

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Radio Junglevision

  • 6/17/00 Rhodes -- an FM song created for Sound Drive DOS library
  • 6/16/00 Now shows currently playing track on web page.
  • 5/21/00 Junglevision News. Latest Junglevision information.
  • 4/28/00 Possible fix for disconnection problems
  • 4/15/00 Gameboy Shamus music and sound effect
  • 4/14/00 Space Cadet (Greenbeard sequence)
  • 4/13/00 Junglevision Radio begins broadcasting

    Or, listen to the Berkeley Police.
    (Also from Junglevision)

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